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Our Service

--- JL intergrated five to one  VIP customized counseling programs will hand deliver our students to their academic goal ---


US High School Counseling for International Students

(6-12 grade)

Boarding or homestay? Public or private schools? East or west coast? US middle and high school selection is essential for our kids. Our counselor will provide you all information you need and help you to finish the whole admission processes including campus visit and interview. 


US University/College Counseling

Want to apply for US undergraduate or graduates programs? Our signature five-to-one VIP counseling program can give you a 360-degree assisting from understanding your interests of majors to receive your dream offers. Our experienced counselor can help you reach your goal! Contact us to more detail!


Customized Enrichment Program

Our customized short-term enrichment programs oriented in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and US cultural experiences. The program price, number of participants, locations, dates and lengths are fully customized to meet your needs and learning goal. Please contact our office for more detail.

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